Saturday, November 22, 2014

Boy Time

My oldest had a playdate and sleep-over tonight with his fiend Mario. Daniel sobbed. So the best tonic in the world for a lonely boy is our neighbors coming to play.

It was a good night but I'm not 100%. I'm on my chinstrap and exhausted. I also haven't felt good since the clocks went back. What's that all about then?

Friday, November 21, 2014

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Today was a Good'un

I finished another quilt. I am a quilting diva and I deserve this ...

I read this and it was so good. So funny and true. But it was also a bit disturbing, how pressured young girls are these days. When I was a teenager we didn't get Brazilians as part of our pre-date ritual (if, like me, you have no idea what a "Brazilian" is it's shaving everything off so in essence you look like a little girl. How being hairless has become the new norm is truly awful). I'm sure it's not all bad and there are millions of feminists still out there fighting the good fight. But it makes me feel so sad for girls caught up in the belief that they need to be perfect and hairless to be accepted. Let's all be normal and hairy!

Let's be Normal & Hairy! 

It snowed and it was ungodly cold. But my porch is coming along. I'm already planning a porch party in my head.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kindness Can be Catching

I just listened to "How to win friends & influence people in the digital age" adapted from Dale Carnegie's famous 1936 book.

A friend who manages a big football stadium recommended it to me and said it was the best book she'd ever read, so I gave it a go on audio cd. If I'm honest I thought it was going to be about how to make friends and influence people. That's what the title says after all. But it's actually a book about how to be a good friend and be a good influence on people.

It's a wake-up call to stop griping, complaining, and being nasty about other people. It talks of the power of smiling, being helpful and kind. One quote from it that stuck is that there are no neutral encounters - you either leave people feeling better or worse from having encountered you.

So I'm recommending it to all of you (the 5 people that read my blog!) Read it and take it to heart. And be kind to people.*

*except the lady at Giant Eagle today who scowled at me for driving very slowly within 50 feet of her. Don't be kind to her ilk.