Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Four Boys: Day 2

Wouldn't you know it, day 2 it rained 7 1/2 hours out of the 8 that I had the boys. I took them to work again and they ran around for half an hour before the heavens opened. This time I took them to the research farm and I made them chase me on a golf cart (exercise!) then I let them fool around on the golf cart too. They loved playing on the golf cart. Years ago I did the same thing for my nieces and nephew and they still remember it to this day.

Trying to do cartwheels. Not very successful. Ha!

Speed demons
At lunch time we had a big party for my boss who is retiring so the boys got to eat a lot. I'm pretty sure Daniel ate 5 cookies but who's counting. Not me. I am determined not to stress over such things this week.
My lovely boss with the boys
We got home about 3, in a total rainy downpour, so I let them play Minecraft, watch WWE Raw and bounce on the trampoline in the rain. Then I sent the two boys home wet, happy and exhausted, which I count as a success.

Four Boys: Day 1

It's my turn to watch four boys this week. They are good friends and rarely argue so I'm not too nervous about it but the damn rain won't quit. 19 days of  continual rain is too much, even for someone from the north-west of England!

Columbus is a fabulous place for kids, with loads of free things for them to do. Outdoors. There are plenty of indoor, free places to take toddlers, like playgrounds in shopping malls,  but no options really for 4 boys between 6 and 10 years old unless I want to spend $50 each time. I am not one of those "crafty" parents who comes up with ideas to keep kids busy all day making collages, wool pompoms or cupcakes. I just don't have the energy (or the desire if I'm honest). I could just let them play video games all day I suppose but I'm not a total parent failure. So, I took them to work with me and let them play putt-putt outside my office then I showed them some football landmarks on campus. They loved it.

OH-IO with the 2002 National Championship trophy. The 2014 trophy is still on tour

Practice fields - they ran for a touchdown

The Shoe!

Heisman Trophy poses...

I snuck them up to the press box

Woody Hayes' boys
After the Buckeye tour I took them home for fish, chips and peas (they ate it!) then I let them play video games for an hour while it poured with rain. I saw a break in the weather from 3-5 so bundled them in the car and we went to Scioto Audubon Metro Park, which might just be my favorite park in Columbus.

The Audubon center is closed on Mondays (of course), but it actually worked in our favor because the assault course at the park is for kids older than 12 and there should be an instructor present to use it. But no one was there, so you know, I just let them do it (one of those "screw it" moments). We were the only people at the whole park and we had a blast.

Daniel, oh Daniel....

Found a turtle

Looking for birds & frogs in the wetlands

At 5pm the rain came again so we called it a day. They called themselves rebels, since they snuck into the press box and snuck into the assault course, and that's fine with me. Everybody needs to be a renegade sometimes.

Day 1 in the bag and a success!


What better way to celebrate the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage than to spend the weekend with the boys at Comfest 2015!

The highlight for Jack was seeing the women with bare breasts (it's a liberal free-spirit kinda' thing) and some of the other interesting people who attend. The highlight for Danny was seeing his friend and making die dye shirts. He was oblivious to all things nude. Ha!


Yes it does!


With his friend Asher

Making tie-dye tshirts with their dad
When we got home we let Slinky out for the first time

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day 2015

What a wonderful, relaxed day it has been today. Craig had a lie-in then we made him breakfast (skinheads on a raft), then we hit the pool for FOUR HOURS. It was great. Tonight we are watching Jurassic Park and then we'll probably have a drinkie on the porch. Perfect.

Craig is such a great dad, he really is. He's kind and funny and got such a good heart. When I read the quote "Don't marry a man unless you would be proud to have a son exactly like him" I think it could have been written just for him. I would seriously be more than happy if both our boys turn out exactly like him.

Enjoying last year's present - his recliner

This year: cast iron dutch oven and scratch cards (won nowt)

Lovely glass from Leanne, made his day.

Panorama shot made Daniel look a bit funky