Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A New Do for Turkey Day

Got the boys a new haircut today. Also did the laundry and tidied up a bit and did some last minute shopping for Thanksgiving Day tomorrow. Craig texted me not to forget the essentials: wishwop, wine and moonshine. What else is there in life?

The Boxcar Children

When I was a kid I loved to read The Famous Five books by Enid Blyton. The characters in the book are Julian, George, Dick, Ann and Timmy the dog and they had all kinds of adventures. I'm really hoping my boys will read them when they get a little older, though they are written in an older traditional English (the first book came out in 1942 after all), so they might find it a tad difficult. I'm having the same problem with Roald Dahl books. I tried to read "Danny Champion of the World" to Daniel and even I struggled.

So anyway, I found an American version of The Famous Five called The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner. These books date back to the 1920's but they have been updated to a more modern English so my kids can understand them. Last night we watched the film of the first book, which they love. Now my boys want to live in a boxcar. Daniel is quite adamant about that. He told me he wants to be Ben (the youngest character) and when he went to bed he had that dreamy look in his eyes. I hope he has the same dreams of adventure that I did at that age.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Basketball - what's all that about then?

The boys started basketball this week. I have no idea what it's about though I assume it's a bit like netball that I played at high school (girls played netball, can't remember what boys played, we never did co-ed).

So even though I have zero interest in basketball, and don't want to learn to at this point, it does have certain merits over the other horrid sport of baseball:

  • It's inside
  • I have friends I can chat with
  • It gets them out of the house and moving during Ohio's long winter

Last week the rec center also hosted a small farmers market so that's a bonus. I can sneak down and mooch around there while the kids pretend to be Magic Johnson. Was he even a basketball player? See, I really am clueless.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wildlights at the Zoo

While Craig went hunting (no bambi yet), I took the boys to the zoo. It was a gorgeous day, so warm compared to the crappy snow, cold and ice of the last few days. We rode the train, they rode a camel and we pointed at a few animals. Good stuff.