Friday, June 10, 2016

Vacation: Day 5

This morning I picked up Lyn & grand kids and we went to Columbus Commons, where they have a free kids event each week. It was a tad too young for Jack but we met some other friends there and they had fun. Afterwards we wandered over to the Ohio Statehouse lawn and let them play in the fountain and we got them ice cream from our friend's food truck. All in all a successful morning.

Then they went to a friend's house for a little while and I found myself at home alone. Woohoo! Time  alone in the house is so very rare for me!  I got to do housework (I'm lying of course). I used the  time to catch up on my blog and email. And goof off.

Craig finished work a tad early so we got the boys and went to the pool, and had some family time. The best.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Vacation: Day 4

Last night I was working on Daniel's quilt and then fell asleep on the couch. Woke up at 4am with my new bifocal lenses stuck to my eyeballs like glue. Dragged myself to bed,  but then Craig got up 2.5 hours later and I did too. I snook down to the basement so I could work on his quilt again.

By 8.30am both boys were up but we had a lazy morning. I'll rephrase that. They had a lazy morning. I quilted, cleaned the kitchen, did housework, and did laundry etc etc.

But it was a great day: Chilled at home, pool with Lyn and grandkids,  Mexican food truck for tea,  Jack's fist cello lesson, my new Jamberry nail wraps, and being able to carry my little one to bed. That never gets old.

A fab day again.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Vacation: Day 3

This morning I took the boys to "Fountainside", a free event in downtown Columbus, with crafts and play areas and fountains. It was a tad chilly at 70 degrees but the kids ran through the fountains anyway and had a good time.

Afterwards we met Lyn & grandsons again to go and see Kungfu Panda 3 at the movies (it was cute and watchable, thankfully). We also snook in our own popcorn and candy. Rebels!

Afterwards, we went back to her daughter's house to let the kids play some more. Her daughter's house has a steep driveway which the kids took full advantage of. They raced down there on scooters, bikes, wagons and anything else they could find. They'd typically get catapulted out at the bottom and land with a thud in the shrubbery.  Lyn and I sat at the top of the driveway, drinking tea and trying not to watch. Lord help me.

IMG_8302 from Pam on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Vacation: Day 2

We are the house that neighborhood kids come to, and that's fine by me. Growing up, our house was that house and I always wanted my kids to have that experience. The downside is that kids come a knocking in the morning when you aren't quite ready, which happened today, but that's ok.

We took the visiting kid with us to the library to sign up for the summer reading program and get some books. Mine got books on The Simpsons, Assassin's Creed, Zombies and Pokemon. Not exactly Shakespeare but I'm hoping the old adage "as long as they are reading it's a good thing" holds true.

After lunch we sent the boy home and we met my friend Lyn and her grandsons for an afternoon at Inniswood Gardens. The kids loved it - they pretended to be warriors and played the game for a couple of hours.

When we got home we had a leisurely night in, while poor Craig worked on getting the thermostat and AC working. It's been a chore to say the least.

Best photo bomb ever